Sound Proofing Elements

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If you want to build a soundproof room you need to have some basic understanding that how soundproofing can be done because if you have some basic understanding, you will be able to get the better solution for your room. To achieve this, you are required is to stop the vibrations of sound to get into your room.

Here are some solutions and basic elements which to make your room soundproof:

  • Decoupling
  • Absorption
  • Adding Mass
  • Damping


The first element that is include in soundproofing is decoupling. You need to keep in your mind that sound is not anything more than a vibration. The vibration travels in the form of mass and can pass through any solid pathway.

What we need is to reduce the intensity of vibration to travel from one side of the wall to other. The simple, cost beneficial and highly effective way to reduce sound is decoupling. Wall studs can limit the vibration effectively.


The cracks and cavities in the wall from where air can pass will transmit the vibrations. It works more like a drum, there could be a chance of vibrations to transmit from those crack even after installing the wall farming. Fiberglass insulation will be very helpful as it will absorb the vibrations. There are some other thing that can be used as insulation materials; cellulose, recycled cotton and mineral wool. But make sure you are not packing or compressing the insulation. And remember! The key is to make sure that the density is low.

Add Mass

This is very important element of soundproofing. The best, highly effective and cost beneficial choices for adding mass includes plywood, OSB, cement board and Drywall. Drywall is one of the most cost effective source of mass. Make sure at least use 2 layers of about 5/9” drywall. But it’s more important to note that this heavy wall will STILL transmit the vibrations. But it will make harder for sound to move through the heavier wall. The lower frequencies (Bass) can still easily move through the wall. It means that you can still feel those frequencies through the wall.

But decoupling, adding some insulations and by adding some mass, we can control almost 75% of noise. But still we need to stop the vibrations and lower frequencies in order to get the full soundproof room.


This is the last step in order to achieve the full soundproof room. If the soundproofing could be done with the help of drywall the job would’ve been much easier and the decoupling and insulation would be much effective. Drywall is the major and huge surface which is still vibrating.

You can find a wide range of products that can help to damp the drywall. But always make sure that the product is highly effective and for sure cost beneficial.

How to Sound Proof Your Home

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Soundproofing walls

Before we go through the process on how to sound proof your home, here is a bit physics or science that you need to know in order to learn the mechanics of sound and then the ways to get rid of noises.

Always there is a medium required in order make the vibration of sound to travel. That is why a vacuum cannot transmit the sound. And we already know that air is one of the reason that aids the sound to transmit with reasonable effectiveness due to lower in mass property. You might have observed that when you place the loud speakers far from you, it will seem to have some sort of ‘rolled off’ highs, and the voice of someone shouting from long distance seem muffled.

Tips to Get Rid of Noise By Soundproofing

If you are annoyed of the noise of your neighborhood and you want to get rid of these noises, here are some tips to soundproof your home:

1. Plasterboard Composite

There is a wide range of plasterboard composite is available in the market which can help you out to reduce the noise or sounds up to 75%. This composite is made up of two sheets separated by insulating layer depends upon the thickness you may require. Usually the plasterboards come in 33mm thick, and along with the panels in number of standard sizes. Panels of plasterboards are rigid, that is why they can be fixed straight on the walls without doing any amendment with the doorways.

2. Carpets & Upholstered Furniture

If the space is large, you can even use the technique of absorbing the sound waves by converting them into weaker energy. With the help of fiberglass insulation, you can convert the sound into heat. The other things are; carpets, acoustical ceilings and upholstered furniture may help you to reduce the noise.

3. Acoustic Wall Studs

Usually recording studios use this technique, but still there are a lot of other reasons to control noise right? So all you you’re required to do is to apply acoustic wall studs or layer of thick foam under the flooring, which allows the inner surface to isolate the noises by floating.

4. Other Suggestions

There are some other suggestions you may consider in order to get rid of outer noises.

  • Thoroughly seal up the cracks and holes because noise can infilterate even thorough the slimmest gap. You can even use polyurethane to seal the gaps around doors, sidings and windows.
  • By tightening up the existing window and door openings. You can install solid core doors which can help you to block the maximum percentage of sound or noise.
  • Thick and high quality storm windows can work more effectively along with sturdy frames and can block more sound.
  • Or by adding mass to the walls.

So, these are the few techniques which can help you to reduce sound and get rid of noise. You can pick any of the above options in order to reduce or block the noise.

Dog Repellent 101 for New Pet Owners

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Congratulations on getting your first dog!  You might know by now that they make wonderful pets (that is why you’ve decided to have one) but your dog-lover friends may have failed to mention that dogs and gardens do not go well together.  You can resort to training your new canine friend to stay away from your plants, but that may take some time. Never fear, there is a temporary solution to your dilemma – a dog repellent!

What is a dog repellent? How does it work?



A dog repellent is a product whose function is to keep dogs away from certain areas such as your garden or your newly-bought couch. Dogs are habitual creatures; they often mark their territory so they can use the same spot as their eternal toilet. They also love to dig – they do it to bury their favorite things and to make comfortable resting place. Some breeds just love to dig for fun. Dog repellents take advantage of what dogs find really unpleasant to ward them off and make them to the activity elsewhere.

What are there different kinds of dog repellents?

There are three main things your dog hates the most: water, loud noises and strong odour.  The products are classified according to these three things. They are ultrasonic dog repellents, water sprinklers, and odor-based repellents.

1.    Ultrasonic Dog Repellents

Ultrasonic dog repellents take advantages of a dog’s sharp sense of hearing. They emit ultrasonic sounds that your dog will find annoying-even if you can’t hear anything at all. These portable devices are triggered when the dog approaches a certain distance (usually around 20 feet) to the place you don’t need them to go. One must take note that hearing sensitivity varies among dog breeds, therefore different results will vary from different dogs.

2.  Water Sprinklers

These products are almost the same as the sprinklers you see in lawns-the only difference is that some advanced ones have motion sensors. When strays come and try to wreak havoc, the motion detectors will prompt the sprinkler to quickly shower water large enough to frighten any dog.

3.    Odor-Based Repellents

Odor-based repellents come in three types: powders, sprays and granules. All you need to do is apply them to the area and dogs will surely avoid that spot as long as they can smell it. The downside to odor-based repellents is that the effect wears off quickly and your hound will certainly come back to his favourite place once the smell is gone. Some of the substances used are also very toxic to dogs and plants.

Can my dog repellent be a permanent replacement for training?

Dog repellents may be 100% effective in keeping your dogs well-behaved, but it is not encouraged to regularly use them in replacement for training. The discomfort that repellent temporarily gives to your dog may cause unhappiness.Training addresses any behavioural issues with your dog for the long term. It can also be a good way to strengthen the bond with your new pet, overcoming any problems on trust.

Wiress Keyboard and Mouse Combo by QAVO

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This package offers you real ‘Bang for Buck!’


That is the long and short of it. For only $30.00 you can take home a box filled with the latest state–of-the art features.


My experience began when I decided to step up to a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I felt the need to get away from the desk and to add some more comfortable controls to my ‘netbook’. Bearing in mind that PC’s are evolving with newer features attached every day, I did not want to invest in another regular computer keyboard, the new home entertainment systems are coming closer to the PC and hybrid’s now abound the marketplace. The new one piece unit is called a PC/Media Center. The keyboard can now operate both pieces of equipment from one location; and that control point can be from a remote location. Known as the Media Center, it is a combination of both pieces of equipment, the Media Center/ Personal Computer is very popular today. So for $30 you can purchase a mini-keyboard and mouse combo loaded with all the Media Center Controls’ built into a 2.4 GHz wireless assembly. The connecting port is a wireless Nano USB receiver, plug and play. All casings are a durable ‘ABS’ plastic.

QAVO wireless keyboard and mouse combination

QAVO wireless keyboard and mouse combination


In providing this mini wonder they did not leave anything out of your new system, the board features all 80 regular keys and a keypad as well. The size of the keyboard is, 225mm by 104mm by 20mm, (8.59” X 4.09 X 0.8”) that makes it highly portable and yet comfortable for my large fingers. It weighs just 500g and it comes with its own dust cover.


Now let us move away from the desk, up to 10 meters or 32 feet away. Take the keyboard with you, it is pretty solid and has passed my ‘Sleeping Wife Test’ largely because the keys are the soft touch type, I can work in bed whilst she sleeps and it does not disturb her one bit. The batteries included in the purchase are rated to keep the R8 going for 18 months.


The cool looking mouse resembles the ‘Bugatti Veyron’ with its sleek, racey body styling. Its size is 82mm by 48mm by 25mm (3.2” X 1.9” X 1”); with the total mouse weight being only 90g’s.


It uses the regular two buttons selectors and a central ‘roller-scrolling’ wheel. Another great feature on this inexpensive mouse is a single switch that allows you to shift between three different DPI modes. So you can speed up or slow down the reaction time of the mouse, a must have for gaming situations.


I have saved the best for last. The ‘Fn’ mode, or the Full Media Control mode, allows you total control over all your media functions, your browser movements (backwards/ forwards and home); e-Mail direct access; Music player launch with controls for Play, Mute, Pause, Stop, Previous/ Next Track, and Volume settings.

multimedia keys too

multimedia keys too


The entire package is compatible with Windows-7/ 95/ 98/ NT/ XP/ ME/ 2000/ and Vista. I saw two colors in the store, black or off-white.


It lets me enjoy my netbook to the fullest, using this small, full-combo, peripheral control pair from Qavo.


I ordered my Qavo, R8 set by mail-pack and comes with a full 14 day, ‘I Don’t Like That’ policy. If anything goes wrong within those 14 days you get a full refund, no questions asked.


The Company boasts:

  • 1 year warranty for normal use (using it as a cricket bat + ball does NOT count!).


Introducing the Latest on Raspberry Pi

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Given that this mini-computer is barely three years in the world of modern technology and innovation, various interesting ideas have already been coming up to make Raspberry Pi a more appealing and fascinating little gadget. These ideas allow Raspberry Pi to diversify in terms of its functions and practicability for its users in the world of education, gaming, and entertainment.


A number of Raspberry Pi creations have been introduced and made known to the society which provides convenience and expediency to their users. These are the following:


Finding Ways to Diversi-Pi:


Raspberry Pi MAME Cabinet


Raspberry Pi can be installed with gaming emulators by various Pi-users who are fond of arcades. Fortunately, it was Darren J who conceptualized a Pi-powered arcade cabinet. He loaded the software Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator unto the Raspberry Pi and placed it in a JAMMA cabinet which is coin-operated. It took him several attempts for him the finished cabinet with the Raspberry Pi MAME.


A Pi in the sky


The Raspberry Pi can also be used to transmit and send live images from the sky down to Earth through High Altitude Ballooning. This was pioneered by Dave Akerman who was fond of monitoring near space activities by sending a tracking device in a weather balloon. He thought that his Raspberry Pi could help innovate the concept through the help of its USB port which can provide a quick and inexpensive access to a webcam. This allowed the successful sending of images from near space.


Siri and Pi tandem


Siri, a famous application in Apple, which is capable of artificial intelligence by following the commands and orders to their Apple unit has been found to be of useful purpose in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi. A user who prefers to call himself “Dark Therapy” was able to use the Siri application to actually open and close his garage door by hooking the Raspberry Pi to an automatic garage door system.


A Pi of Lego Cluster


It was Professor Simon Cox and his six year old son who invented a “supercomputer” which contains 64 Raspberry Pis which are securely contained inside an HPC Lego cluster. Through the help of an Ethernet connection, the processors inside are able to communicate with each other and perform various tasks once a message passes through the interface.


A musical instrument using beets and a Raspberry Pi


Although considered to be very bizarre and slightly eccentric enough to be considered an invention, Scott Garner was able to come up with a creation by using a Raspberry Pi to create an instrument to actually play drum beats by touching beets which are also incorporated in the device.


Raspberry Pi Laptop


Drew Fustini, a Raspberry owner, has discovered that a Pi can also function as a portable laptop. It may however require splicing cables together but it fairly works. However, Fustini insisted that the newer models of Pi no longer requires cable splicing as no USD cable modifications are needed.


Another creation can be made out of a Raspberry Pi is by turning it into a Pi-net book. In this case, a briefcase has been used as the casing which features a WIFI, blue tooth, keyboard, touchpad and the display all powered by a Raspberry Pi.


Indeed, various DIY projects can be made possible in your Raspberry Pi. The imagination and creativity from various Pi users have increased the unit’s productivity and use. For a $35 worth of a price, a Raspberry Pi can turn from the simple supercomputer with potential to a highly developed device or machine suited to the preference of its users.

Understanding remote control Helicopters

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What is the perfect hobby that entices people of all ages? It could be anything really, but for those who enjoy toys created with modern technology, coupled with skill, precision, and the love for flying, owning and flying a remote controlled helicopter is the best pastime. To many, seeing a toy like this makes them think that it’s merely just a child’s play thing. It is actually more than that. The more you modify and add sophisticated parts to it, the more powerful it gets, and the more you would like to fly it.  Just try it, you will definitely get hooked.


Now that you have discovered this amazing toy, your next challenge would be to find the best remote control helicopter that suites your preferences and your style. There are many designs to choose from. The market for remote control helicopters is very diverse. There are styles that look like real military helicopters, others look very futuristic. Some also have a classic look. It is really up to you and your personality and style on what you will choose.



Color, special options like cameras, gyro stabilizers, and many more should also be considered when choosing your model. Different helicopters use different battery types. It is important to check the batteries. Know what brands are good, durable, and can guarantee a longer lasting charge. There are also more advanced features that can help contribute to the overall performance.



Size is a factor. There are people who prefer smaller RC helicopters because they can be flown indoors, but some like bigger ones because they are more powerful, sturdier, faster, and many enhancements can be made like spotlights. Although it has many perks, it also has a down-side. You cannot fly them indoors as you could with a smaller model. Smaller ones can easily fly around the house or large indoor spaces. This can help you practice since the environment is controlled – no wind, rain, snow, or other deterrent. This means you can practice all year round.



Helicopters have blades. Speed is affected not just by the size and weight, but also by the number of blades it has. If you want a faster helicopter, opt for one that has two blades. If you want helicopters that can go loop-to-loop and perform feats that are so amazing, a single-blade, lightweight helicopter would suit you.  For those who prefer a relaxed type of helicopter, they can choose one that only does basic flying with standard speed.







Finding the right one





You should know the basics when shopping for an RC helicopter. This can help you improve its performance. A gyro stabilizer, which is an extra bar located along the top of the helicopter can help balance the weight. But this can compromise the tricks and stunts your helicopter can do. You should also check the external coverings of the helicopter. Make sure they are durable and can withstand crashes and bumps. When you are still learning to fly your helicopter, accidents are bound to happen, it is inevitable. Hard plastic polymer frames can also help protect your helicopter.



If you love building your own and designing it according to your preferences, a ready-to-fly (RTF) helicopter kit would be best for you. Since you are going to construct it yourself, it is only natural that it would have variations from those found in stores. But that is what’s going to make it unique and personalized. You can modify it the way you want it to appear.



Some helicopters have different flight controls so you should be particular in selecting one that has the six basic directions – up, down, left, right, forward, and backward. This will make flying a breeze. For beginners, choose one that has a gyro stabilizer. This will aid your helicopter in flying straight and will help maintain balance.



Now that you know what to look for in a remote controlled helicopter, go ahead and buy one now.  Helicopters aren’t just made for children, nor are they made solely for enthusiasts. Different models are available for different types of consumers. They are made for everybody to enjoy. Take the stress out and start flying. Anyone can fly.